Top 5 Digital Pianos Under 1000

Top 5 Digital Pianos Under 1000

Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano

This PureCF sampled digital piano from Yamaha features some of the best quality recordings from the well-known CFIIIS grand piano. Whilst digital pianos may not be the most realistic sounding pianos, the Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano comes very close.

You can easily connect your music device to this piano with the use of the auxiliary input port and the sound will come out of the digital piano’s speakers. This is great for when you want to play along to a pre-recorded track at the same volume as the piano.

You can enjoy unrivalled performance as this digital piano offers 128-note polyphony. This offers enough power for the sound not to cut out, even when you are playing with two hands and laying multiple voices over one another.

An acoustic piano would give a heavier touch for the lower notes and for the higher notes, you’ll need a lighter touch. This digital piano is very similar to an acoustic in that respect as it is the same case for the Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano.

If you are learning to play the piano and looking for the best digital piano under 1000 dollars, then this digital piano can assist you. You can make use of the series of books that comes with this piano, which teaches you to play modern and well-known songs. More at

Yamaha P Series P105B

This top rated digital piano is a great choice if you want a realistic sounding digital piano that has plenty of great features.

To create an impressive sound, the Yamaha P Series P105B has an inbuilt duet mode. This mode allows you to play your own music, whilst the piano plays along with you. You can choose from 10 different styles for this option.

In order to create a fuller track, you can choose form the in built drum patterns. Whilst these patterns may be a little basic, they are better than having to try to keep time using a metronome. You will find that this is a more fun way to learn to play the piano.

This digital piano has 88 notes and the mechanism for the keys gives you the feeling that you are playing on an acoustic piano.

The polyphony design of this piano ensures that you can hold a chord for as long as you like, and no matter how many notes are pressed, you will hear every one of them with clarity and without them cutting out.

This is a great concert digital piano, which will give you a professional and clear sound to your playing.

Casio Inc. PX150 WH

The Casio Inc. PX150 WH is a realistic and highly portable digital piano. Thanks to a greater memory capacity, this piano can store higher quality audio sounds and offers a purer piano sound than some of the previous Casio pianos.

The hammer action keyboard features 88 keys and you will appreciate the texture and the feel of the ebony and ivory keys. The sensors that are integrated into this keyboard ensure that each movement that you make with the keys is captured accurately and results in the expected sound. To ensure that you can have as much accuracy and expression as possible when you use this piano, the sound engine allows for accurate detection of the velocity behind each key press and returns a note of the relevant sound level.

If you would like to hook your piano up to your computer, then you can with the Casio Inc. PX150 WH. Standard USB technology is in place in this piano and the software is compatible with both mac and windows computers to ensure complete versatility. If you would like to, you can even use this piano with your iPad using the camera connection kit that you would need to purchase separately from Apple. More at

Casio PX850 Privia

The Casio PX850 Privia comes with some impressive features, including a grand piano lid simulation and realistic resonance. You can enjoy the expression and accuracy provided by this digital piano thanks to the improved sound engine that is integrated into its construction.

The improved memory capacity that this digital piano offers ensures that the grand piano sound stored on this instrument is in the best quality ever. A new Casio feature called ‘AIR’ offers a realistic sound as it provides an acoustic and intelligent resonation. You will appreciate the sound produced by the sustain pedal, which produced a full-bodied string sound.

This digital piano has 88 keys and offers realistic feel hammer action playing. The keys feel almost like you are playing a real acoustic and the sound engine alters the volume and depth of the notes depending on the pressure that you place on the keys.

There are 256 polyphonic notes, enabling you to hold a chord of as many notes as you wish whilst being able to hear a continuous sound, rather than having to worry about any of the notes cutting out due to lack of power, which can happen with cheaper models.

To help you to improve your performance, this digital piano is able to record and play back your sessions.

Casio PX750 BK Digital Piano

The PX-750 BK digital piano is excellent value for its price tag. You can benefit greatly from the powerful new sound engine that is used in this instrument, along with the acoustic-like keyboard feel. You can achieve expression and accuracy with this digital piano that is comparable to an acoustic and it is a pleasure to play.

This digital piano has USB connectivity so that you can easily use it with your computer. The software that comes with it is compatible with mac and windows and the great thing is that you don’t even need to download and install any drivers. Simply plug it in and you can use it straight away. If you have an iPad, you can connect this digital piano to that too with the use of the camera connection kit from Apple. You will need to purchase this accessory separately.

The high quality sound that is produced by this digital piano makes it perfect for performances, as it is clear and realistic. You will notice how the power output is strong enough to deal with many keys being pressed at one time. Thanks to the impressive sound engine, not one of the notes will drop out or falter, even if you need to hold the keys down for a particularly long chord.