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Best Nightlight For Nursing

Every nursing mother knows that their infant must be fed on a schedule, and that schedule includes times in the middle of the night. To manage this task without needlessly waking baby, moms in this situation need a good nursing light.

What is a nursing light?

Best Nightlight For Nursing

A best nightlight for nursing is a nightlight made with nursing mothers in mind. Typically, they will have the following features:

Adjustable LED Light: LED lights are energy efficient. They have a steady glow, and can be adjusted to filter out blue light to reduce eye strain. The best nursing lights will feature soft, low brightness settings. These settings are far less likely to wake up the feeding baby.

Safe, Non-toxic Construction: ABS and PC plastics are non-hazardous construction materials, and most lights built with children in mind will use these materials. Further, child safe construction also means that there will be no sharp edges or small pieces. A great nursing light poses no harm to the child or the mother.

Timer Function: As mentioned before, nursing babies must be fed on a schedule. That doesn’t mean that mothers have to stay awake 24 hours a day, however. Setting an alarm for the appropriate times is the best way to always be ready when it’s chow time for baby, but conventional alarms are likely to be too loud. To avoid waking up the baby and others, nursing lights tend to have timer settings with gentle alarms. Gradually brightening lights, and even vibrations, are common integrated alarm features. More at

Simple Controls: Generally speaking, nursing lights will need to be manipulated in the dark. Attempting to activate dials or switches is frustrating under such circumstances. Well designed nursing lights have easily discernable controls, featuring large uniquely shaped buttons, or even touch controls allowing activation by simply tapping anywhere on the device.

Portable: Feeding time can happen in various places. While some parents have their baby in the same room as them, it’s just as common for the child to be elsewhere. An ideal light will be convenient to carry along to light the way. This means a light that is not plugged into the wall by a wire, but rather battery operated. It should be lightweight, and should offer some method to carry it hands free. This could be a clip that allows it to attach to a garment, or even a headband turning it into a head lamp.

Rechargable: While a nursing light with replaceable batteries will work, a rechargable battery is the better choice. These will have longer periods of uninterrupted performance. They also eliminate the inconvenient occurrence of the batteries dying and not being able to replace them right away. A rechargable light will always be available to use.

nursing night light


The best nightlight for nursing is one that combines all of the above characteristics. Some of the features are less critical — someone who has a quiet alarm may not require the light to possess such a function, for instance.

However, that the light be an LED and that the construction material be non-toxic should be baseline requirements. Luckily, these features are standard, and there are several solid options available for those in the market for nursing lights.