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Finding the Best Electric Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

Shopping for a meat grinder for your home? It takes a little work to research the right product for your needs. Below are some tips for what to look for in the right stainless steel meat grinder. Once you find the right one, you can start taking control over the meats you and your family enjoy.

You can do a lot with your own meat grinder. Take various cuts of meat and control the amount of fat, juice, and flavor that go into your recipes. With the right meat grinder, you can start experimenting with combinations of cuts of meat. You can mix meats to make your own custom sausages and burgers.

So, where do you start when choosing the best stainless steel electric meat grinder? Opt for an electric grinder rather than a hand-grinder. The reason for this is that the electric grinders are easier to handle and safer to use.


Electric grinders are best when made from stainless steel. They come in all different sizes although the largest ones are better for industrial use rather than for use in the home.

Before you select a meat grinder make sure that it fits your budget. You don’t want to buy an expensive one and not use it enough. You also don’t want to buy a cheap one that breaks down because you needed more power from it than it delivered. If you plan to use it often make sure you get one with lots of grinding power.

Check for special features. Only buy a grinder that comes with a reverse function. In case your meat gets stuck, it is easier to free it when you can push a button and get the grinder to move in a reverse motion. Also, be certain to buy a machine that comes with a warranty.

Which item meets these requirements? One of the most highly recommended machines is the STX 3000 Turboforce. This grinder is an affordable electric grinder, and it costs about the same as a hand grinder.


All the parts are made from layered stainless steel, so you know you are getting a rust-proof product. The plastic parts are made of ABS.

This machine can be taken apart making clean up simple. You can wash all the parts by hand and put them back together without a hassle. You can even put the blades and plates in the dishwasher. This makes this grinder one of the most convenient meat grinders you can own.

It is made with durable stainless steel and aluminum alloys. It comes with a reverse switch so you can be sure that any time you put meat in it for grinding and it gets stuck, you can simply reverse the operation of the grinder to free it.

You also get a box to keep the parts and attachments that you are not using in a safe place. This is the one grinder that makes the perfect home meat grinder for any budget and any use. It is a high-quality item with a moderate price tag. More at