Boon Baby Bath Mat

Boon Baby Bath Mat

Boon Baby Bath Mat

Customer reviews:

1. I have a small, non- textured tub. It fits like a glove. From the other reviews on here, I just cut the chase and added about half-inch of water and stuck it to the bottom starting from on end working my way to the other end, trying to hit all the suction cups I could.

I have to really yank on this thing when we’re done with the bath to get it to let go! I feel like its cushiony enough to be comfortable for my son as well as safe. He sure doesn’t slip and slide all around. (Btw he just decided he wasn’t gonna sit in his bath seat anymore 😭, he wants to crawl around in the tub, and that’s why I bought this.)

The boon baby bath mat was rolled up when it came in the mail but after 3 baths now it’s getting flat and trust me, it is having NO problem sticking to the floor (again, non-textured tub). Also, slight smell, also gone, nothing to cry about, it IS plastic. All plastic smells. Ever smelled a burning tire? 😷

And to the one person who said something about a black mark/stain, mine had one too. Also washed off. Wahhh.

2. Since about six months old, my son has wanted to stand. Stand in bed, stand on the fireplace, stand in the tub… So we’ve been looking for solutions for the slippery tub. We actually had some of those stickers that you ‘stick’ to the bottom of your tub added to our shopping cart. They only had a 3 star review but it was the best we could find. And then I saw this!

This is brilliant. Well, I mean, it’s simple but certain features make it extra nice.
*It isn’t one solid surface. There are ripples and gaps throughout the mat to allow air and water flow to discourage mildew and mold.
*It has a hook so you can hang it up. Brilliant! Now, we rarely do that and we have had no issues but that extra feature is a great idea.
*The size is perfect. It’s not so big that you have to place it juuuuust soooo in the tub but it’s big enough that it covers the majority of the bottom.

My children are super solid on this boon baby bath mat. I have never once felt like they were going to slip or fall while standing in the bathtub. Now this might just be my next go to baby shower gift…

3. I read other peoples reviews and there are somethings that I do agree with.

1) it is hard for the suctions to stick to the tub. Easy fix is that I splash water in the tub, drop the mat down and then walk all over it to make sure it sticks.
2) I have not had it stain my tub, but it sits in the water for all of 20 mins or less for my kid’s bath and then I drain the water and hang to dry.
3) THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT: You will have to wash the mat every once in a while to prevent it from getting slippery.

Even when I hang to dry every night, if my kid has a bubble bath, the bubbles stay on the mat and leaves it slippery. My baby had a bad slip in the tub the other night. Its not too bad to wash it once in a while.

Other than simple maintenance, I don’t mind this product. It’s longer than most which I really liked. I just can’t give it a 5 star because of the slip.

Overall, is worth the money.

4. I was unsure about whether to get this as reviews seemed to be mixed. We remove and hang the mat after every bath, which is a breeze and still looks neat in the bathroom. It sticks well, but letting the bottom of the bath get a little wet before applying pressure to the suctions does seem to make it stick better.

We have hard well-water, and I haven’t seen any mineral residue build-up on the mat yet. My daughter is at an age now (14 months) where she constantly likes to stand up and go up and down (sometimes dancing and trying to jump) throughout her bath time. Before the mat, that would have met instantly slipping every time. Now it’s manageable with close supervision. I would highly recommend to any parent.

5. Used this for >18 mos. daily now and it is a great product. Echoing some other reviews, you should remove it and hang it up after each use to let it dry. And, it is necessary to have some water present to get the suction cups to work best. Pretty simple process: start to fill water to tub, place mat down, add child, bathe, drain water, remove mat and hang to dry, repeat as necessary. This has been most useful and reliable for us.

6. I love this bath mat! My toddler loves this mat as well. There’s lots of suction cups so they won’t slip. The built in hook is great for hanging it up to dry after use. It thicker than I expected which is great. Its long enough to cover the bottom of the bathtub to prevent falls. The blue colour is also a fun feature my toddler likes. The boon baby bath mat so very soft and comfortable to sit on. More at

Bad Reviews:

1. I’m pretty sure this is not an authentic product, it’s made out of hard stiff plastic. It came to me folded up, which normally would be fine, except for the hard stiff plastic. The suction cups on the bottom are also, you guessed it, stiff plastic. They were bent in the folds, and therefore do not work.

I thought putting this in a warm bath might soften it up and get the folds out but that didn’t work. According to the description on Boons website, this mat was designed not to be stiff and has a “super soft textured surface” which is what else leads me to believe this is a knockoff. It’s really sad that you can’t seem to buy from amazon anymore with out the risk of ending up with crappy counterfeit goods.

2. Disgusting – we have water softening system installed, so I’m not sure if this can be from our water, but I’ve tried to clean it and it requires heavy duty scrubbing once a week and I cannot break my back over cleaning this each time. Just want people to know that if your not careful this can occur and your kids are in the water with little stuff floating in the bath with them. That’s actually how i realized this

3. I love Boon products. Everything Boon that I own I absolutely love. This mat is the exception. I love the way it looks and the generous size. However, this mat is stiff and hard. It looks like it would be made out of a thick, soft material but it isn’t. It’s hard plastic that has minimal give.

It came rolled up and took me days to get it to lay flat. It’s also NOT cushioned at all. It’s made out of a thin layer of plastic that isn’t so grippy to begin with. The reason it looks cushioned in the photo is because they made a thin plastic lip around the edge of the mat (bordering false advertising).

It also has a million suction cups that are next to impossible to get to suction to my tub because the suctions are also made out of this hard plastic with very little give. The bottom of my tub is also textured which doesn’t make it any easier to work with. But all my other bath mats suction just fine. The only way I can get this mat to work is if I spend 10 minutes pounding my fist into each suction cup before the bath.

I do not recommend this product. Especially for young babies/toddlers. For older toddlers/children this mat wouldn’t be so bad. This mat is better than having no mat at all. Hence the 2 stars and why I’m still using it until I find a cushioned bath mat.

4. It’s a little bulkier than I had imagined but it does add a nice feel under my kids feet. Both, ages 6 and 4, take showers and this has greatly increased their comfort and my peace-of-mind. They would slip and slide a lot since their mini-showerhead sprays closer to the wall where the tub starts to curve upward and this keeps their feet nice and still.

The only reason I didn’t give it a higher rating is that it was warped when I got it – some of the suction cups were badly warped from being rolled up and I hoped it would regain it’s original/intended shape with the exposure to hot water but they remain warped and ineffective.

I do not think the manufacturer should be packaging it this way since it seems to materially diminish its effectiveness. BUT even with the damaged spots, it still manages to stick to the slick ceramic tub and does its job.